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Mixing American & French Food and Music
Mix French and American Food and stir in some music
Coming soon the second annual 4-14 Festival in Dijon

Dijon - So Much More Than Mustard

The second annual 4-14 Festival is scheduled for Dijon between July 9-11, 2010. The festival brings together American and French musicians and chefs to celebrate friendship, food, music…and fun! For three days world class chefs and internationally acclaimed musicians from France and the gastronomically and musically renowned city of New Orleans, will share their artistic passions with brilliance and generosity during concerts, tastings and demonstrations all centered around “le Marché”, the beautiful 19th century steel and glass structure built by Gustave Eiffel, Dijon’s native son.

Last year, according to Tom Reeves, Official Blogger for the Festival which celebrates Franco-American Friendship, Food, Music, and Fun, 15,000 people turned out to enjoy themselves!

This year 25 chefs from both sides of the Atlantic will work their culinary magic for the festival. American chefs from New Orleans and other Louisiana towns (and one from Washington, D.C.) will be participating in the event. They include Louisiana native Leah Chase – known as the Queen of Creole Cuisine.

Why and what for a Dijon 4-14 Festival? Alex Miles, the best known American resident of Dijon, culinary/cultural agitator and bon vivant, wanted to connect the Americans and the French through his two passions, food and music. The 4-14 Festival joins together the spirit of July 4th (Independence Day) and July 14th (Bastille Day). These framing dates are at the core of the festival which celebrates France and America, Music and Cuisine ! -Why? -“…because Americans don’t know that the French can play music and the French don’t think Americans can cook!”

The Schedule of the 4-14 Festival

Friday, July 9th:
Charity Dinner and Concert held at the Cellier de Clairvaux for the benefit of the Food Banks of Burgundy and New Orleans.

Saturday July 10th
7 p.m. until midnight:
Stage concert, Place François Rude and street music throughout the village centre Tastings of New Orleans cuisine around the Marché
Culinary demonstrations inside the Marché

Sunday, July 11th
11 a.m. until 7 p.m.
Stage concert, Place François Rude and street music throughout the village centre Tastings of New Orleans cuisine around the Marché
Culinary demonstrations inside the Marché
Introduction to music by the Conservatoire of Dijon

Les Halles - where food meets music

4/14 Dijon Festival
of Music and Food

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Story: Ken Pottinger

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