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Summer Time and Festivals are Here
Fete de la Musique 21st June
June 21 is Fête de la Musique - a one day nationwide celebration

When France is Alive With the Sounds of Music

Not quite a public holiday but might as well be -- the June 21 Fête de la Musique (Music Festival) grips the country for 24 hours of music and more music in multifaceted shape and form.

From Menton to Lille, the hexagon, as the French shorthand will have it,  is filled with the sounds of summer -- live or recorded music on street corners or major big-name rock, jazz, folk and classical concerts that fill the day with sound and light.

In cafés you can hear weather-beaten old-timers playing their accordions crooners belting out Piaf's "Non, je ne regrette rien" or jazz singers, string quartets, French folk music, Brazilian samba, Jamaican reggae all with food and wine to match.

Clearly the larger centres offer more to see and do but smaller towns and villages don't hold back in rolling out a potent mix of traditional and modern music.

So join in on June 21 and celebrate the sparkle of summer, the joys of music, and the pride of the people.

Plenty of Other Summer Music Festivals

Here are just some of the Music festivals taking place this summer - we will be publishing links to more and more over the next week or so.

Festival de Nîmes - is staggered throughout July.
Bêtes de Scène, Mulhouse, Alsace, July 9-12, 2010 is a DJ-run festival.
Toulon Jazz Festival - July 16-25, 2010.
Cognac Blues Passions Festival - July 27- August 1, 2010.
Les Escales de Saint-Nazaire, 50 concerts in two days, August 6 & 7, 2010.


Freres Morvan

Les Frères Morvan
Sea Shanty Festival in the Brittany town of Paimpol

Meanwhile way off the  beaten track  Paimpol offers a traditional music festival - Festival du Chant de Marin , normally held in the first weekend of August.

If music doesn't tug your strings you could always try this Son et Lumière re-enactment: - "Le Trésor Maudit" Bellême  (61130) Performances: Friday and Saturday evenings July 9 to August 7, 2010.

Legend has it that the Sainte-Gauburge Prior was unjustly banished for stealing the chapel treasure and ever since has haunted Saint-Cyr-la-Rosière near the city of Bellême. See here for Son et Lumière re-enactment

Story: Ken Pottinger

Other Music Stories

Grand Opera

Grand Opera Season Opens in France - click for details

Across the country the Grand Opera tradition, proudly subsidised by the munificent state, is in full voice.
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Dijon 4-14 Festival

Take some French chefs and put them, in the kitchen with some American chefs. Sprinkle liberally with wine and soak in music. What do you get?
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Haut Jura Music Festival

The 25th Music Festival Haut-Jura is on right now until June 27 and includes a celebration of the voice of the Castrati. Further details- click the image above.

Germany Wins Eurovison

To view the winning Germany entry to the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest

Germany romps home with an overwhelming vote that kicks the UK and Irish Eurovision Song Contest entries into touch - For the full story, including videos - click the image above.

For previously published Music Section stories - coming soon.