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Cheryl Cole Sings in French. Or Does She?
Cheryl Cole - Messy Raindrops
Cheryl Cole

What's in a Lyric?
In her new hit single - 'Promise This', Cheryl Cole turns to French in order to fully express her emotions. Or does she? What do you make of this:

"Alouette uette uette
Alouette uette uette
Alouette uette uette
Déployer l'aile"

Before you hit the Google Translate button, don't bother as it just translates "Alouette" as a lark and "l'aile" as a wing. The rest Google gives up on. Even without hearing Cheryl's French pronunciation!

Ah ha, we hear you say, it's all about Larks... just like probably the very first French words we ever heard as kids... "Alouette, gentile alouette". What we tend to forget about this charming childhood ditty, of course, is that it's all about plucking the wings (and just about everything else) off the poor unfortunate Skylark!.

Didn't know that? Well Cheryl does, because lo and behold, she goes on to sing (in English, thank heavens) "Before I pluck your wings cover me please spread your wings cover me".

So, there you have it... even if you are less than fluent in French, you now know that Cheryl is singing about that French Gourmand avian delicacy, where they have to cover their heads in shame when eating it. Because of how they kill and cook it. (Another story, another time perhaps).

Cheryl Cole spreads her wings in Promise This - click here to view the video
Cheryl Cole spreads her wings.
A still from the 'Promise This' video
- click the image to view the video -

Free Spirit
Well no, actually,' Promise This' has got nothing to do with larks apparently. More to do with the free spirit of the bird. See this gem of an analysis, from a recent trawl of the internet buzz about Cheryl Cole and her lyrics...

"The spreading of wings concept is mirrored in the English language lyrics of the song and in the video. As for meaning, I think it's a sad take on a modern relationship. [in other words] Before I pluck your wings (i.e. entrap you so you can't fly away), cover me please. Spread your wings, cover me and promise this...be the last to kiss my lips."

This commentator goes on to say:

"So the spreading of the wings comes first - the thought of comfort, nurture and protection from another being. Then the protectee starts to pluck the wings (by nagging, out of indifference) and ultimately the protection is lost but presumably the protector can't fly away."

A bit of a sad comment about love and relationships? Maybe, but here is one (English) verse though that would seem to point to her true reason for penning this song...

"Promise this if I die before I wake oh
Promise this take the time to say your grace
On your knees you pray for me
Promise this be the last to kiss my lips"

Near Death
Almost certainly, Cheryl is alluding to her very close dice with death, following her contracting a very dangerous strain of Malaria. She very nearly didn't make it apparently. Who did she want to "... be the last to kiss my lips"? She hasn't said, but we guess it wasn't Ashley. Or maybe...

Not Everything in French Makes Sense!
Sometimes it is best not to over-analyse song lyrics as it just goes to show however, that not everything you hear in French makes sense! Catchy tune though and a great video...

To view the video for 'Promise This' - click here
To pop up the full lyrics for 'Promise This' - click here

Story: Chris McCready

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