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Britney Spears New Video - Full Version

click here to view the full video of Britney Spears Hold it Against Me
Image from Britney Spear's new video "Hold It Against Me"

- to view the full video - click the image above -

"Oops… She Did it Again"
Whilst "Britney-World" marks time until the long awaited "comeback" album from their idol, "Femme Fatale" (March15th release), Britney Spears and her marketing team have stirred up a bit of a web-storm.

Britney Spears new album Femme Fatale
Britney Spears new album Femme Fatale

"I've poured my heart and soul into this album over the last 2 years. I've put everything I have into it. This album is for you, my fans, who have always supported me and have stuck by me every step of the way! I love you all!"
Britney Spears

Britney released a 2-track single from the album in February 2011, "Hold it Against Me". Since then, much hype has gone into the "Femme Fatale" album launch, which has included a daily release of teaser trailers for "Hold it Against Me" on YouTube that left fans scrabbling for more, eager for the release of the full film, with many hundreds of thousand of "Tweets" daily about the singer.

Designed to skyrocket the new album through the charts, this viral marketing campaign finally culminated on 17 February 2011, with the official launch on MTV, of the video for "Hold it Against Me" (click the image top or bottom of this page, to view).

Choreographed by top music industry guru Brian Friedman (Lady GaGa, X-Factor), the video is much anticipated by Britney fans. Certainly, Friedman seems well pleased with the result, and he told MTV News before the video launch…

"I can tell you that Britney is wearing a couple of hats in this video - not literal hats, but she's playing roles in this video. That is what I can give you," he explained. "In every role, she is dancing. She is going to be dancing throughout the whole video. Like I said: Dance is the focal point of this video."

He also revealed a little about the costumes: "She's taking fashion risks. Things we've never seen her wear before she's wearing in this video, and I think it's just very sexy and it's a little bit playful," he said. "She's going to be doing something in this video that we've never seen her do. I'm not gonna tell you what that is, but she's going to be sweating and she's going to be getting bruised and battered."

So, if you are not a dedicated follower of Britney Spears, what's all the hype about? Well, not famous for holding back in her videos, fans will probably not be displeased. Particularly the end sequence, where Britney fights herself... the other Britney. Because, you see, there are two Britney's... the public one and the other, locked in her private world. The two, always in conflict. With each other... with themselves. Get it? Well, watch the video anyway.

As usual for a Britney video, this one should come with a warning: "This video contains flashing lights and flesh".

Hold it Against Me - full video
- click the image below -

click here to view the full video of Britney Spears Hold it Against Me
- click the image above to view the full video -

Story: Chris McCready

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