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Tony Smith

Tony Smith

Born in Bromley Kent, Tony Smith was singer guitarist with 'The Unsound' in the 1990's, a mixed French /British group that was signed to a small label and distributed nationally by 'Night and Day'.

Active in the anti - advertising movement in France since 2003 and Midi Pyrenees organiser for the national countryside heritage association -- Paysages de France -- since 2005, he has owned and run a restaurant in Montauban (near Toulouse) since 1989.

Tony Smith is currently making a return to the music world and live appearances in solo or as part of the AudioSonics UK 21, a duo composed of Sébastien Bédé music and Tony Smith, texts and vocals.

Contact 05 63 66 15 34


Listen to the music of Tony Smith - click here
Listen to the music of Tony Smith
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Download a track or two here:

An 'AudioSonics UK21' page is coming soon.....
February 2012


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