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Eurovision Song Contest 2011

Watch the 2011 French Eurovision entry - click here to pop-up a new window

Amaury Vassili sing the 2011 French Eurovision Song Contest entry
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France's Entry - From the Ridiculous to the Sublime?
From jungle-heavy percussion, da-dum-dee-dum-olé-olé lyrics and wiggling backsides in 2010, to soaring Ravel-like orchestration. elegant tenor vocal and calm... France's 2011 entry to the Eurovision Song contest could not be more different.

Amaury Vassili - France's youngest tenor
Amaury Vassili
France's "Youngest Tenor"

Sognu - Amaury Vassili
In a move that has taken many industry pundits by surprise, France has chosen a song and performer to represent the country in May, that is a world away from the convential wisdom of the Eurovision song contest... plenty of boom boom and, if you can't sing in English, then make the lyrics er, international!

Sognu, performed by tenor Amaury Vassili, the official French entry, not only flies in the face of such wisdom, but the lyrics are in Corsican. Now that is a bit like asking Cliff Richard to have sung Congratulations in Welsh, back in 1968. Not even the French, understand Corsican, so quite what the Maltese judge will make of this is anybody's guess!

Maybe it doesn't matter... just let this classic-pop crossover of a song wash over you. You could always close your eyes and imagine what the song means. In which case, Amaury Vassili might just have la-la'd-dum-de-dahed over the orchestration and have done with it.

Strange thing is, though, whether you are into classical music or pop and no matter what your lingua-franca, Sognu grows on you, the more you play it. It sticks in the mind, being a song you can actually whistle. So maybe, just maybe, amidst all the boom-boom and strobing lights... frenetic dancers and razzmataz of the live broadcast on 14th May... maybe, just maybe, France will have struck the right chord with the 2011 judges.

2010 French Entry
Now you've heard the French 2011 entry, just to remind you of the 2010 French effort, you can access the video by clicking the image below. Then you can better judge whether the French have blundered or have made an inspired guess as to the mood prevailing in today's very changed world.

What a difference a year makes.

To watch the French 2010 Euroviosn Song Contest entry - click here

Jesse Matador -France's 2010 Entry
- to view the video, click the image above -

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Story: Chris McCready

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