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Eurovision Song Contest
click to view the video of Germany's winning entry to the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest
Lena Meyer-Landrut wins for Germany
To see the video, click the image above

Oslo 2010

We have come a long way from those far off days of that hollow, distance delayed monotonous monotone of "Norvege, nil points - Norway, no points". Or have we?

In terms of TV production values, credit where credit is due, the staging was lavish and (apart from a pop-up interloper dancing with the Spanish entry) all seemed to go smoothly to plan. Indeed, a highlight of the production was a series of cuts to live cameras around Europe, featuring hundreds and thousands of "Flashmobbers", all dancing to the same, rehearsed, choreography. It was very effective and, as anyone who has ever sat in the control room of a live TV broadcast will tell you, an ulcer producing task for the director!

Graham Norton
But, as we and some 120 million others settled down to song after forgettable song, boredom began to creep in and, as yet another country took to the stage, it was virtually impossible to remember the one before last! Only Graham Norton stopped us grabbing the remote and switching channels. In a cross between a grumpy old man and Terry Wogan at his most acerbic, Graham ad-libbed his way through the BBC broadcast with some excruciating comments, that had you alternately squirming in embarrassment or roaring with laughter. One memorable utterance came, as the Maltese judge was delivering her results, standing in front of the picturesque gateway to Valletta, wearing a very bright floral outfit. Graham's voice-over had him egging her on to award the UK something, but, like most of the judges before and after her, she failed to do so... "Thanks for nothing, Malta. Now I’ll say it ... hideous frock" was Grahams response. Well, I guess you had to have been there!

What You Missed
Just in case you weren't there, here are a few of the other entries. Click an image below to watch a video of that Eurovision Song Contest Entry.

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click to view video

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Story: Chris McCready

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