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Eurovision Song Contest 2011

Watch the 2011 German Eurovision entry - click here to pop-up a new window

" Taken by a Stranger"
Lena Meyer Landrut will sing the 2011 German Eurovision Song Contest entry
- to view, click the image above -

Can Lena Do It Again?
The Eurovision 2010 Winner, Lena Meyer Landrut, once again carries Germany's hope for a Eurovision victory in 2011.

Lena Meyer Landrut
"Girl-next-door looks"

Lena Meyer Landrut
Fresh faced teenager Lena, came from nowhere in 2010, to take international music's top prize, with her performance of "Satellite". In a shrewd move, Germany's newest star delivered the song in English, thus ensuring the widest possible audience (and judges!) participation.

Leaning heavily on her innocent "girl-next-door" looks, her genuine, natural charisma elevated her engagingly nervous performance on the night and she won over the international jury, much to the surprise of many critics.

Please Help Me
For Lena was, hitherto, a less than high profile performer! Indeed, her claim to fame before being selected by Germany, seems to have rested in small, bit-parts on TV and in a movie - "Bitte Helfen Sie Mir (Please, help me)", where she appeared naked in a swimming pool tryst (see below - click the image to view the clip).

Bitte Helfen Sie Mir - Please Help Me - to view film clip, click the image

"Bitte Helfen Sie Mir"
Lena Meyer Landrut film clip
- to view the video, click the image above -

"Taken by a Stranger"
But a year is a long time in the music business and the 2011 German entry, features a leaner, more polished Lena. With a new album to her credit ("Good News") her performance of "Taken by a Stranger" in the official video featured here, is that of a polished, choreographed international performer, rather than that of the rather nervous and slightly out-of-her-depth schoolgirl of 2010.

Whilst reminiscent of "Satellite" - some of the music phraseology is more than just a fleeting reference - Lena's "Taken by a Stranger" is, nevertheless, a polished track of International appeal (she sings in English - again!) and a strong contender for Eurovision 2011.

2010 German Entry
Now you've heard the German 2011 entry, just to remind you of the 2010 German winner, "Satellite", you can access the video by clicking the image below.

Can she do it again? You judge....

To watch the German 2010 Euroviosn Song Contest entry - click here

Lena Meyer Landrut - Germany's 2010 Eurovision Entry
- to view the video, click the image above -

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