Latest English-language Films Showing Now

English Language Films on General Release in Cinemas in France

Fan of film but not sure what’s on the general release circuit in French cinemas right now? Here we list major English-language movies presently showing throughout France.

Wherever possible, our cinema page includes links to the official websites of the moves we’ve listed. Clicking the link will pop open a new window and take you to the film’s website.

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France of course reveres cinema — the seventh art — and the policy is to release major French films and version originale (VO) movies, onto the circuit around the country virtually simultaneously. This means cinemas in big cities and small towns all get to show at least some of the very latest blockbusters and art movies together.

Finding a cinema near you is not difficult. The local Mairie/tourist office and most bakeries and cafes all distribute flyers. Additionally town and village cinema programmes can, for the most part be found on-line. What’s more in rural areas, at least, its very reasonably-priced, at around 5.50 euros a seat!

So highly valued is the cultural contribution of cinema in France, that even if you live way off the beaten track, the industry caters to you through a network of iitinerant rural cinema. These sessions are often held outdoors or in the village hall and projected onto a screen by full-sized projectors that are trucked around from site to site.

No skimping here – full sized projectors are trucked around to bring cinema to rural France

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  1. Irina Ohl June 8, 2010 at 10:02 am

    Your article on Elisabeth was fabulous and SOO interesting. She has never spoken to us about her life with her late husband and his activities.

    I like your format though some of your computer lingo leaves me a little behind..
    Will send you the poster directly about the watercolor demo on June 27 here.

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