Cafe for just a Euro in Paris? Click the Cup

Like any capital Paris can be a costly coffee break but its not all bad news. City Hall has launched an interactive map showing more than 60 spots where a cup of cafe costs just one euro or less!

English: Café "les deux magots" Pari... Coffee for a euro? … Yes, but understandably not here: Café “les deux magots” Paris 6ème. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Inspired by callers asking where to find reasonably-priced coffee the editors of the Paris City Hall website challenged generous Twitter(ers) and Facebook(ers) to help it collate the interactive Google map below.

It shows Parisians and visitors where to go for a caffeine shot without breaking the budget. The map also indicates (click on the cup for address and details) whether the cost applies across the board or just at the counter (Au comptoir), at an inside table (En salle) or on the pavement terrace (usually the most expensive spot for a people-watching coffee anywhere in France’s main cities).

Afficher les cafés à 1 euro ou moins sur une carte plus grande

The author of the report on asked Internet social community followers to help compile information showing all the places in Paris where an espresso costs no more than €1.

“In all, and thanks to Twitter and Facebook, we collected information about more than 70 Parisian cafés selling a petit noir at that price”, the website says.

The overwhelming majority of this bon marché café must be drunk standing up at the counter. “But”, the authors report, ” our Internet friends also dug up some rare gems:
– A café associatif where you can buy an espresso for 45 eurocents, and that we understand is absolutely the cheapest coffee in Paris.
– Some cafés that will delight Parisians this summer, where coffee on the terrace in the 18th and the 13th arrondissements is no more than €1 .
– We also discovered café malin at 99 eurocents at the Dupont Café in the 15th.
– And finally a fair trade coffee to take out at Couleurs cafe in the 17th.

Arthur Frommer – with his guide you could once travel Europe on five dollars a day (Image Wikipedia)

Next you might well ask will City Hall offer a map of restos offering a square meal for less than 6 euros? Now that would be a revelation.

Anyone else reminded of the (pre-Internet) days when budget-minded travellers would wander around the continent trying to see of they could match or beat Arthur Frommer’s seminal guide Europe on 5 Dollars a Day? (For younger readers that book first came out in 1957). Listen here to a podcast of how Frommer started his guide or read the transcript of the article published on his website.

Incidentally “Five dollars a day” later became 50 then 100 dollars a day and now they appear to have dropped the mention of cash from the title entirely.

The dollars no longer get a mention !

The latest version is called simply Frommer’s Europe. What does that say about inflation or changes in travel habits?


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