Life is for Living not Cooking. Bon Appétit!

“I’m not interested in the arguments about how Foie Gras gets made; I like what it tastes like,” writes Sandy Abbot, blogger and author whose recent rant about cooking has struck an Internet chord.

A ‘cookingphobic ‘ but ‘barbiephile’ Kiwi living in London voices a view on French food and more

“If you are easily pleased and like to read books, you can actually buy my life story. It’s a book!” he says in an introduction to his blog, from which the following quote — about to become an Internet hit — has been taken:

Back to France though. What they eat most in France is ducks, or things made from ducks and geese. They make my favourite thing in the whole world to eat at lunch time. I call it the man salad. They call it the Salade périgourdine. It comes in a variety of guises but my one must have slices of duck, and ‘geziers’, not either or, but both and ideally ‘au Foie Gras’.

“I’m not interested in the arguments about how Foie Gras gets made; I like what it tastes like. A proper Salade périgourdine is something that resembles what a heart attack might look like if you were able to eat one.

“But it actually is still a salad so therefore incredibly healthy or something like that. It is fantastic and on my holidays I have one every day for lunch, because it is my favourite thing…”

Who is he?: “I’m Sandy, a Kiwi who for many years lived unhappily in England, now I live happily in England. It took me a while to get used to it.”

Find the Sandysview blogpost here

(H/T The Slog)

His straight from the hip views chime with some of ours, see recent French-News-Online reports below:

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