Robots Set to Rob Your Job

The future for manufacturers and industrialists lies with robots according to Mike Shedlock of Global Economic Trend Analysis who warns automatons are even taking over publishing. 

A swarm of robots in the Open-source micro-rob...

A swarm of robots in the Open-source micro-robotic project (Credit: Wikipedia)

In a provocative article published at  Business Insider: Robots Are Taking Our Jobs, Writing Our Stories, And Replacing Our Women he offers a bleak new dawn. It worries us — it might just worry you too!

Meanwhile some wonder if over at Amazon, books are not already being published that have been written by a robot, in this case highly programmed robotic computers.  Take a read here (apparently written by a human) and for another view try here

Below is an excerpt of the Business Insider piece along with some of the links the author has collected.

“Here is an interesting item you might not be aware of: 22 of Top 30 Wikipedia Editors are Robots.

Scholars studying Wikipedia tend to ignore or quickly dismiss the influence of bots on the site, even though of the top 30 most prolific editors on the site, 22 are bots. In fact, Wikipedia itself erases their contributions; according to Geiger, when a Wikipedia “user account is flagged as a bot, all edits made by that user disappear from lists of recent changes so that editors do not review them.”

Got that? Changes made by Wikipedia robots are automatically approved. Changes may by human editors need review. I have to ask: by computer robots or humans?

Inquiring minds might be interested in the list of articles on robots that I accumulated recently.

List of Robot Articles

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