Everything Is Illegal

As goes the US so go the rest of us. This John Stossel report (on the Fox News channel) could be adapted — through simple word substitution — to be just as relevant across the vastly-over regulated European Union. Time for a shakedown?

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European stars  —  far too many laws and regulations (Credit: Wikipedia)


It is not just over-regulation however. The core philosophy of the EU is being sorely tested by the financial meltdown threatening the euro.

DER SPIEGEL has just published a compelling interview with French philosopher André Glucksmann in which he makes clear there is no such thing as a union of European nations.

The article notes in a SPIEGEL interview: “French philosopher André Glucksmann finds the situation in Europe ‘extremely unsettling.’  He discusses the failure of European intellectuals, how divisions could lead to an EU breakup or even hostilities, and why pursuing a United States of Europe is ‘the wrong goal.’ “

Glucksmann tells DER SPIEGEL: “A sense of crisis characterises the modern European era. From it, one can draw the general conclusion that Europe actually isn’t a state or a community in the national sense, which grows together organically. It also can’t be compared with the ancient Greek city-states, which, despite their differences and rivalries, formed a single cultural unit.

“SPIEGEL: European countries are also bound by shared cultural aspects. Is there such a thing as a European spirit?

“Glucksmann: European nations are not alike, which is why they can’t be merged together. What unites them is not a community but a societal model. There is a European civilization and a Western way of thinking.”

DER SPIEGEL biographical note: “In France, André Glucksmann is one of the so-called New Philosophers, who turned away from their Marxist beginnings after 1968 and, motivated by Solzhenitsyn’s “The Gulag Archipelago,” wrote off Soviet-style totalitarianism … As someone who is deeply familiar with German philosophy and has taken a critical look at Heidegger since his university days, Glucksmann has sought to engage in intellectual dialogue with Germany.”

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