The New Heretics and EU ‘Hate Crime’

The UK’s Daily Mail newspaper today carries a telling commentary on ‘hate crime’- that classically Orwellian legal concept now embedded by its multi-cultural proponents in the thinking of EU citizens and on the statute books of many member states.

The former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey (Credit: Wikipedia)

The commentary: “How can it be a hate crime to show your faith in Christ?” is by Lord Carey, a former Archbishop of Canterbury (or leader of the Anglican Church).

It has been prompted by a key test case to be heard by judges at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. The outcome and the court’s ruling could establish precedents that in turn could be invoked elsewhere in Europe where similar issues related to “hate crime” and other manifestations of newspeak and thought control run rife and are, in our view, too little criticised.

Lord Carey, a Christian on a continent whose culture, values and history have been rooted in Judeo-Christian traditions for centuries, refers to the court battle as “a secular equivalent of the Inquisition” and describes the plaintiffs — whose cause he firmly supports — as new “heretics”.

Its strong stuff but it has been a long time coming and if you share growing concerns about the usurpation of common-sense and the values of tolerance, freedom of expression and other cornerstones of modern democracy which philosophers such as Voltaire and JS Mill proclaimed in the 18th and 19th centuries, you might care to read it  all here

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