Global Noise says Don’t owe, Won’t pay

Global Noise protesters  in more than 30 countries, including France, Spain, Italy and many others in the recently ‘peace-endowed’ European Union spent the weekend demanding the cancellation of bankster debts and an end to austerity.

French Global Noise focused on grammar  — the conjugation of ‘austerity’ ,says the poster, leads to win-win for financial gangsters. (Credit: Global Noise)

The protest comes ahead of the next scheduled EU summit, October 18-19, aimed yet again, to thrash out a solution to the unremitting five-year-old global financial crisis and EU sovereign debt debacle.

Mainly driven by highly-educated but jobless youth via social networking platforms and spearheaded by angered Spaniards and Greeks  — both countries with more than 50% youth unemployment —  the protesters orchestrated a global cacerolazo — a steel chorus of casserole-cacophony designed to be heard in plush banking halls and democratic parliaments around the world.

The Occupy, Indignados, #YoSoy132, #GlobalNoise grassroots groups and networks adopted the Spanish slogan: No debemos, no pagamos (“Don’t owe, won’t pay”) as the chorus for a symphonic theme underlining widespread anxiety and disgust at the waste of young lives caused by the financial greed of the “one percent” .

Their main message:  wipe out the quadzillions of unrepayable debt created by what Paris-based  TV commentator Max Keiser calls: “top criminal elites in the City of London and Wall Street”, by treating it as “odious debt”.

Listen to Max ‘s Oct 11, 2012 report here:

(For more on ‘odious debt’ as a legal concept — it formally entered international law in 1923 in a judgment by US Chief Justice Taft — read From Democracy to Debtocracy.)

On an earlier Max Kaiser show broadcast after the Libor scandal broke, the participants, including a highly paid former lawyer to Wall Street financiers spoke of a range of “mobster-style scandals” that have emerged since the great global destruction of 2007-8: “This is a protest about the business model of these banks its not about Libor its about Lie-more, that is what is going on here… Wall Street is a high crime area”.

(Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer on Current TV.)

Some #GlobalNoise protesters were carrying banners urging people to “do an Iceland” ( a reference to an earlier call by mainstream US economist  Michael Hudson in an analysis here advising the Greeks to repudiate the debt and bring bankers and their politician allies to court as Iceland did.

RT interviewed Caleb Maupin from the International Action Center about the Global Noise actions who  noted: “At a time of mass unemployment, millions of youth have great anger on what’s going on, and it is exploding into a global anti-capitalist rebellion. The phrase ‘we are the 99%’ represents what millions of people understand, which is that a small elite, the bankers, capitalists, they own the world and the rest of us just get to live in it.”

Below is a selection of photos of events around the world courtesy of the global noise website , face book, twitter and other social networking platforms (All images courtesy of Démocratie Réelle.)

One focus of French protest: Europe’s “democratic and social deficit”


French concern at Global Noise — the next generation.

Paris demo departure point from outside ‘Goldman Sachs’

Global noise banner Paris

Global Noise Protests also in Lisbon and Madrid

Story: Ken Pottinger

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