Opera buff but stuck in the sticks?

If you’re an Opera buff, out in the sticks but happily hooked into the Internet, thanks to France’s enlightened nationwide roll-out of high speed broadband service, you’re in luck.

Just plug an Internet radio into your router (what France Telecom brands its LiveBox) and you can listen all day long. The programme supply is vast and varied – Opera from hundreds of houses and radio stations all around the world via the Internet. Here’s one place to go: OperaCast FnoL9F8

Internet Radio itself is a vast emporium of news, views and music sitting out there (mostly) free to listen to. Here are a few places to start: Listenlive – radio stations streaming live on the internet,  Radio Gateway or The Internet Radio Company

Techie note: Internet Radios are great technology. They use wi-fi or a cable plugged into a router and let you listen to radio and TV broadcasts from around the world.
See some reviews here. Here’s one solution (No they haven’t paid us to advertorialise – yet).

Alternatively try Amazon

If you’re a radio ham (ah remember those old CB radio jamborees!) here is a Internet Gateway and another

Got your own favourite Internet music or talk resources? Share them with other readers in the comments.

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