Thoughts on Surviving and Austerity

If you want to know the French take on the coalition outcome in the recent British general election have a look at Anne-Elisabeth Moutet in the Daily Telegraph:

“We are used to uneasy alliances being formed between people who have spent campaigns taking potshots at one another,”

she writes, before moving on to the solution à la Française:

“The Sarkozy way would be to entice the dozen or so MPs needed for a full majority to cross the floor, lured by plum jobs and gongs. The threat of PR is only used to divide your opponents: the elder Mitterrand stayed in power by introducing PR. It gave Jean-Marie Le Pen’s National Front a couple of MPs in the National Assembly and was abolished two years later, but that was enough to ensure the FNs political durability, while keeping marginal constituencies out of the Right’s hands”

Ah yes indeed.

Meanwhile economic meltdown is back, so with the Greek tragedy riding high and austerity on the lips of Euro zone leaders, here’s a thought:

Just 100 years ago, there were:

No washing machines, cars, microwaves, radios, sun beds, aeroplanes, LCD TV’s, mobile phones, computers, PS2’s, toasters, iPods or central heating.

People survived and thrived. Families supported themselves and respected fellow citizens. Poor but honest was a virtue.

Might a stretch of austerity really be that difficult?

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