UK’s Met Office Models Misery for Euro Air Travellers

Inaccurate Met Office forecast causes airport chaos for 50,000

Here we go again.

More volcanic ash travel misery for millions of air passengers, and all apparently in vain.

The Met office stands accused by the industry of relying on “outdated” computer modelling for making its overcautious decisions.

In the latest case, says the London Daily Mail, subsequent sampling by Met Office aircraft showed there was no ash cloud.

Meanwhile travellers were punished, schedules disrupted, and airlines financially penalised.

The UK Met office has previous. Its April no-fly decisions (which shut down European airspace and caused total chaos), were subsequently shown to be a massive overreaction, and compensation lawyers are now having a field day after the recently defeated Labour government admitted its agencies had “got it wrong”.

Earlier this year climate change sceptics pointed out Met Office modelling has proved to be flawed and its figures bent to fit a leftwing political agenda.

It would not be too bad if the chaos and inconvenience were confined to the skies over the UK, but the Met Office writ extends to the rest of Europe’s airspace because it modelling data is used by Eurocontrol.

It’s really not good enough as a certain famously outspoken airline executive makes clear.

We say Hear Hear.

Michael O’Leary, Ryanair’s chief executive, said: ‘It is frankly ridiculous that the flight plans of millions of air passengers are being disrupted on a daily basis by an outdated, inappropriate and imaginary computer-generated model. It is time these charts were done away with.’

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