Stay Fit, says Exoudun Mayor, Swat a Fly

Now here’s a Mayor who knows what he wants .. dead flies and fit citizens.

photo credit Le Post

Jean-Marie Auzanneau, Mayor of Exoudun, shows his back-to-basics approach to flies.

Jean-Marie Auzanneau-Fouquet mayor of Exoudun, a tiny 620-strong community in Deux-Sèvres département (79800), Poitou-Charentes, says swatting flies keeps you fit and is eco-friendly.. after a fashion anyway.

Confronted by villagers overwhelmed by the excessive fly population this year — weather conditions in the Spring were overly helpful to the pests — he issued a call to arms: “Aux tapettes à mouches citoyennes,” he might have said, had this been an earlier century.

“There has been an invasion of flies this summer in Exoudun and people were asking what Town Hall was going to do about it. So I popped out to the hardware store, bought 250 different coloured fly-swatters and went round giving one to every householder. It’s a good way to keep in touch with people. The swatters are hygienic and economical and besides swatting flies keeps you fit”, he told Le Post, with a twinkle in his eye.

The Mayoral initiative did not stop there. Keen not to strain the village’s small annual budget, he paid for the “tapettes” from his own pocket, “it was 130 euros well spent”, he joked.

Now in case anyone needs help in the scientific application of a fly swatter, the video below describes in great detail, the anticipatory trajectory of the target you seek to obliterate in your summer keep-fit campaign.

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