Do Google/Verizon pose a threat to the internet?

We take the Internet for granted today — barely a decade or so after the World Wide Web’s massive digital resource centre merged with so many lives through computers, mobiles, ipods and other platforms — but Google and Verizon (an ISP) might be about to change all that.

Google – still a “force for good”?

Read on. You might want to be concerned about a digital future seemingly set out by Google and Verizon in a proposal to US lawmakers – although some of the commenters on the original article are clearly highly sceptical that the issue has any legs.

Annalee Newitz, the author of the “net neutrality” post, suggests that the power of Google for good (to date the search engine’s catchy pledge) is as strong as it is for evil.

“Net neutrality” she says means Internet service providers (ISPs) like Verizon currently have to deliver everything – data, services, whatever – in a “neutral” way to all internet users.

The io9 website post suggests the this is about to change and the future could see Internet users forced to subscribe for tiered service, where levels of premium payments determine how complete and fast resources are delivered to users. What will be left for those not willing to pay will be a “public internet”, effectively the poor man’s service, slow, selective, advertisement-plagued and jerky, she says.

The debate, currently a US issue, is clearly of concern to worldwide users.

The proposal from Google/Verizon — dubbed Googlezon by the poster — can be read here

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