Eco-Fascists and a YouTube shocker

Is this eco-helpfulness or just plain eco-fascism?

Papio anubis (olive or anubis baboon)

Papio anubis (olive or anubis baboon)  Not eco threatened. (Credit: Wikipedia)

Considerable outrage has greeted the latest efforts by the green movement to reanimate their planetary-disaster-awaits message after the ClimateGate scandal earlier in the year seriously eroded unfounded “science is settled” arguments.

Alarmed climate change sceptics on the Internet have highlighted the “dangerous authoritarianism” reflected in the highly controversial clip (below) produced by successful UK film-maker Richard Curtis and supporting a new “climate warming” campaign known as “10:10”.

Health Warning: The clip contains material that some will well consider unsuitable for the faint-hearted. Indeed blogger James Delingpole is unequivocal, his latest broadside is headlined: ” ‘Go green or we’ll kill your kids’ says Richard Curtis eco-propaganda shocker”

Following an outcry the clip’s sponsors have repeatedly sought to take it down from YouTube. This act of censorship has of course drawn the usual Internet-user response and the film reappears as quickly as it is removed. That said it is not pretty viewing.

Eco-extremist prepares to annihilate climate change-denier

On this climate change debunking blog a commenter — “Thegavster” — summed up the reasonable person’s point of view rather well: “So the killing of people who do not subscribe to the 10:10 campaign is “funny”. It’s “funny” to kill children in a classroom? Its “funny” to kill people who have a different opinion? What sort of people find that funny? If the people who pressed the button were dressed in Nazi uniforms, would it still be “funny”? Would those who made this video and who find this “funny” still find it “funny” if a similar video was produced showing supporters of the campaign being blown up? Would the video still be “funny” if it was made by animal rights activists and showed children and others being blown up because they didn’t support animal rights campaigns? Would a similar video be “funny” if made by Islamic extremists and showed non-Muslim children being blown up? Would it still be “funny” if the video showed Muslim children being blown up by that crazy Pastor in the US who wanted to burn Korans?

“The premise is nonsense and the people who made the video should be ashamed. Indeed, those who support this campaign commercially should be ashamed as well and stop that support. It is disgusting and outrageous. Just because you have passionate beliefs, you do not have the right to advocate the sort of behaviour defined in the video, just because you believe you are right. If its not acceptable for other groups, its not acceptable for you either.
If this has done anything for me, its scared me. It warns me that these people may well advocate this sort of sanction if you don’t support their cause and as such are no different from any other extremist apart from the fact that they have strong support in high places. What it has also done is made me even more determined to do everything I can to stop them. In short it has actually had the opposite affect that they had hoped. Come on people, its time we stood up and did something about this plague!”

In today’s climate of gratuitous violence set by fanatical religious bombers and their outrages, the clip must surely rate as a colossal “fail”, a master class in viral marketing disaster. Watch it and tell us what you think in the comments.

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