One Million Acts of Kindness

Here’s a great idea: 1 million d’actions pour la gentillesse

Show you care, its France’s national acts of kindness day.

November 13 2010 has been named “La Journée de la Gentillesse”, Acts of Kindness Day and this page shows the thousands of people around France who have committed to doing just that in their community.

To add yours go here

See the videos of others for inspiration.

“Make a gesture of kindness and share it with us! Through a photo or video, you can also participate in the Day of Kindness by taking affirmative action. Whether with your friends or total strangers, show how a simple gesture can prove to be the sunshine of the day! Be simple, spontaneous, be original and offbeat! Take pleasure in making others happy!
In a word: let’s all be nice! “

As ParisMatch notes, in a piece entitled Five Reasons to be Kind, its healthy too!
It’s good for the heart!
Showing kindness strengthens the immune system. Dilation of blood vessels is stimulated.
The lymphocyte count increases better to combat disease. (According to J. Ryan, a psychologist).

It’s good for morale!
Contempt, mistrust, aggression are types of behaviour that deplete the psyche. They lead us to a sense of isolation and anxiety, harmful to the mind and the body. Kindness is our best natural antidepressant! (According to Allan Luks, researcher).

It is enjoyable!
The euphoria felt by the generous people translates into a feeling of warmth, makes one more energetic and calmer. That pleasure is produced by a high secretion of serotonin, a neurotransmitter known as the “hormone of happiness.” (According to psychologists Robert Ornstein and Dr. David Sobel).

It’s a painkiller!
Acts of kindness stimulate the brain to secrete endorphins, natural painkillers. Positive emotions lead to less sensitivity and therefore greater resistance to pain. (According to Robert Emmons, PhD in psychology).

It makes you live longer!
Volunteers have a better perception of feelings of happiness, have a better quality of life, and higher self-esteem. They are less depressed, their health is better, and their death rates are lower! According to France’s Académie Nationale des Sciences.)

More we say.

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