Where Greece Goes, Spain, Italy, France Follow?

Greece is in flames, Europe’s sovereign debt crisis worsens and EU elites have shamelessly imposed bankocrat placemen on Rome and Athens and EU federalism on divided European tribes. The Greek word ‘democracy’ appears expendable with EU voters told to vote and vote again until they get it ‘right’.

If Greek democracy goes will other cards in the house tumble?

So where is five years of global financial crisis — to a large extent symbolised by what is happening to Greece — leading? Here is one view of the future by a concerned Greek from the generation that has most to lose and all to pay for in this crisis.

Published on Oct 28, 2012 by Katerina Moutsatsos
It’s been quite a ride to make this video. Both as a Hellene, and a Citizen of the World. βίντεο αυτό ήταν ολόκληρο ταξίδι, και σαν Ελληνίδα και σαν Πολίτης του Κόσμου.

Underlining her concerns in an earlier video clip, the same author here ‘interviews’ the EU machine about the EU ‘project’ itself:

More on the origins of these videos here and here 

Further details about grassroots concern in Greece can be found here on The Omikron project the official facebook page of the project and described a “place for ideas, discussion and ACTION for Greece’s global image crisis.

“We are a group of regular guys and girls living in a crisis-hit country called Greece. We got sick of watching the rest of the world get fed inaccurate images of life here today, and wanted to do something about it. So instead of complaining, we built Omikron Project. Omikron Project’s mission is to give people outside Greece a fuller picture of what’s going on in our country, and let them decide what to believe. We want to show them the untold side of the Greek crisis, and crush the negative stereotypes that are adding to Greece’s problems.”

Graphic "When Greece falls" presente...

“When Greece falls” presented by Dutch government on 21 June 2011, speaking of European sovereign debt crisis (Credit: Wikipedia)

True Patriotism is concern and affection not only for one’s own country and one’s own people, but also respect for all countries and all people.
It is completely unrelated to extremism or populism.
True Patriotism promotes Peace not war, equality not discord.
Empires, federations and Unions imposed on people, have triggered wars.
Hijackers of words and symbols are enemies to the mere existence of Humanity.


UPDATE:  Is a new Dark Ages Coming?
“…the stark truth is that, as the Eurozone continues to implode, the gulf between rich and poor yawns ever wider and Britain faces a historic decision about its future in Europe, we need a free Press more than ever. The watchwords should be courage and candour, not cowardice and compliance. Across the board, we need more openness, honesty and principled self-government, not less. Yet with so many crucial decisions being taken in Berlin and Brussels, the principle of democracy itself now feels embattled. More and more, the scenes on the streets of Athens remind me of the dreadful events of the early Thirties, when economic meltdown, political chaos and a festering sense of resentment paved the way for the greatest tyranny our Continent has ever known.” – Dominic Sandbrook, a British historian.

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6 Responses to Where Greece Goes, Spain, Italy, France Follow?

  1. Rodney Harper (@Voting_Rights) November 1, 2012 at 1:38 pm

    “We want to show them the untold side of the Greek crisis, and crush the negative stereotypes that are adding to Greece’s problems.”
    Certainly the more popular press and other such sources in the UK media, seem to favour bad news over good news stories about the Eurozone & particularly the impact of the financial crisis on the countries worst hit (& therefore providing the best images) such as Greece. This in turn encourages UK Eurosceptics (who seem much more active in using the media) to cite such “problems” of the Eurozone to justify their arguments for exiting the EU.
    The inherent financial power of the Eurozone, based as it is on the German powerhouse economy (which in turn benefits in export markets from a competitive Euro exchange rate weaker due to countries such as Greece, Spain…), means that Germany has a vested interest in ensuring the Eurozone will hold together.

  2. admin November 1, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    Thanks for your comment. The Greeks and now the Portuguese as well, might view Germany’s “vested interest in holding the Eurozone together” as the problem! But the broader and more worrying concerns expressed in the videos are surely those that relate to Brussels’ apparent willingness to ride roughshod over the democratic wishes of the people of Europe (of which the Ireland link in the piece above is just one example)?

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