Having Trouble Saving? Try the Miser Wallet

When we were kids and building societies still tottered up your daily balance in ponderous paper ledgers, my mother organised her household budget by putting the weekly shopping money into separate envelopes. When that was gone nothing more could be bought until the following week.

Today such habits are dying or dead. Our spending is virtualised and the ubiquitous plastic card cuts us off from the reality of how much or how little, disposable cash we have.

Bank cards, not coin, burn the holes in our pockets these days, one reason perhaps why so many are in such appalling debt.

Well here’s one tecchie’s solution. A wallet that clamps up tighter than an oyster – literally refusing to open — when your bank account is empty! Admittedly it won’t work unless you use it to store your cards, but at least its a start on the road back to reality.

Proverbial Wallets from John Kestner on Vimeo.

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