Swiss Highwayman Story Spreads

The Swiss Highwayman story we covered in mid-November is now gaining much wider traction in the European media. The video below — a reconstruction by France’s TV1 station — carries interviews with some of his victims.

The Swiss German-language website 20 minutes carries a report in which it links to our Swiss Highwayman story although its headline, “Max tricks half of France” (30 million people!) rather overeggs the story. However a commenter on the site,, writing on Christmas Day notes wrily: “Now Max tells stories, but no one is forced to give him money, he threatens no one. The cheaters and deceivers of the financial world however have ruined thousands of families, driven many to suicide and are still untouched and running free. The state and politicians must come down on the side of the rule of law”. (Not too difficult to guess that we share that sentiment)

Earlier the London-based Telegraph also gave the story wide coverage and included a link to the French-News-Online report.

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