Shale Fracking, You Read it Here First … Free

On February 7, 2011 the FrenchNewsOnline lead story was: “Shale Gas threat to France’s Nougat Capital.”

Between Shale Fracking and Nuclear is there a choice?

We extended the coverage on February 15, 2011 with this authorised reprint from ProPublica: Drôme Beware: Fracking Has a Record and we then followed up on March 4, 2011 with this piece: Shale Gas Drillers Create Mini Earthquakes.

Our reporting was the first in the English-language media published in France, to reflect deepening concerns about the controversial fracking technology oil companies plan to use across swathes of France to tap shale gas.

You can now read  — if you want to buy them —  rewrites of our extensive reporting in both our paid-for print competitors each of which published a lead story on April 1, 2011, a mere seven weeks after the events.

Remember you read it here first at FrenchNewsOnline AND it didn’t cost you a single eurocent.

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Courtesty of This French here is a map of a concession granted for fracking in the Lot and Corrèze.

Fracking Concession for the Lot and Correze

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