A Turbo Tractor You Won’t See in Rural France

You know how it is. There you are motoring peacefully around the quiet, uncluttered French countryside. It’s a beautiful day and your narrow windy road could not be more delightful. 

A turbo-charged terror hits the farmfield

Then just ahead you spot it. One of those giant tractors overhanging both sides of the road and trundling along at no more than 10 kms an hour — downhill. Half- an-hour later you’re wishing you’d taken the main road.

Well the Swedes may have the answer. This YouTube video hit shows Rickard Nilsson, a farmer in Sweden, on his Volvo 240 turbo supercharged rusty red hulk, performing rubber-burning wheelies on the local field.

Don’t however expect to see them on French farm roads anytime soon!

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