Bonne Table, Marseille Fish Joints and Mayle

In the port city of Marseille bouillabaisse is virtually a flagship of the local tourist industry. Now read what’s set to happen since Peter Mayle mentioned it.

Marseille bouillabaisse a culinary flagship (Credit: Wikipedia)


The Marseille Caper: Bouillabaisse at Le Péron Touted by Peter Mayle in New Book. A Short List of Other Fish Joints.

by Bradley B Kuett of the Provence Ventoux Blog

The breezy entertaining narratives of Peter Mayle achieve a heightened sensitivity when their characters arrive to “une bonne table.” Afterall, Mayle’s passions are the sensual pleasures of Provence incarnated in its cuisine.

With Marseille taking up the décor in his new book, the natural culinary bombshell is bouillabaisse, a “plat” which is an extant tourist industry in the port city.

A gripping subplot is whether Sam and Elena, having discovered the wondrous fish dish, will see their way through the caper to free themselves to once again savor a sumptuous bouillabaisse (and the stunning bay views).

For bouillabaisse’s entry, Mayle’s “mis-en-scene” is Le Péron, a modern stylish cabin-like structure with a huge terrace perched on massive rocks at the water’s edge with extraordinary views of the bay. (photo r.)

The two talented young chefs Yannis Lisseri and Jérémy Bigou receive rave reviews. Although Le Péron lost its 1-star Michelin in 2011, it hangs onto 1-star prices.

Peu importe. Now that Le Péron has a star from Peter Mayle, expect the tourist season to witness the terrace heaving with Brits and Americans.

Le Péron, 56 Corniche du Président John F Kennedy, Marseille, Tél 04 91 52 15 22, bouillabaisse 53.00 €, Website

Here are four other restaurants in Marseille where you can indulge in some great bouillabaisse, great ambiance and great views:


Fonfon, 140, Vallon des Auffes, Marseille, Tél. 04 91 52 14 38, bouillabaisse 47.00 €, Website(Photo left)

Le Rhul, 269, Corniche du Président John F Kennedy, Marseille, Tél. : 04 91 52 01 77, “menu bouillabaisse” 65 €, Website


L’Epuisette, Vallon des Auffes, Marseille, Tél 04 91 52 17 82, Michelin 1-Star, bouillabaisse 60 €,Website

PVB Fave: Chez Aldo, 28, rue Audemar Tibido, Marseille Tel 04 91 73 31 55, bouillabaisse 45 €,Website

Story: Bradley Kuett

Author: Bradley Kuett is a writer / consultant based in the Vaucluse.
This report, written by Bradley B Kuett of the Provence Ventoux Blog is reprinted here by kind permission of the author who retains all rights.

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