A Mosque Here, A Church There – Berlusconi

The recent French ban on all face covering (burqa for short) in public space,  is apparently encouraging other European political leaders to strike out boldly.

One minaret for you, one church dome for me, says Italian premier

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In a speech on May 7 at Palasharp Milan Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi reportedly said that he has nothing against other religions, but that it is “not right to build mosques (in Italy) when we are forbidden from building churches ( in Muslim countries)”.

On immigration, the Prime Minister added that the strategy of Europe’s Left is “to let in as many illegal immigrants as possible and after 5 years to give them the vote so as to change the electoral balance.”

His are views that will undoubtedly be welcomed by the widening French supporter base around Front National’s Marine le Pen. But they are certain to infuriate academics such as the UK’s Les Back and Alex Rhys-Taylor, two leading lights among the bien pensant “progressives” who clutter academe. They claim the current grass root revolt against government-imposed minority cultural dominance, spells continental demise:Xenophobia: Europe’s death knell.

Hmmm … might they be advised to read their history?

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