A Concupiscent Billionaire

As FrenchNewsOnline reported here, Arthur Goldhammer, a US academic and Socialist-leaning commentator on matters French noted: “The damage done by the DSK Affair is still incalculable, and I am having a hard time envisioning a positive outcome…” .

DSK – When power falls into the street

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Almost on cue the damage started and French Socialists are surely going to struggle to re-establish their political and social credibility for some time.

Indeed the strength of the Left’s concerns are reflected in this rather contentious video published with an article by French novelist Ariane Walter on the Agoravox website.

Quickest off the mark in terms of seizing the moment, was the Front National which, on the French Right, is in full campaigning mode.

Here is Le Pen senior, founder of Front National, at a May 18 dinner in Le Moulin Vert Paris with supporters of his daughter, Marine Le Pen – the recently elected new leader of a party riding a wave of rising popular discontent across Europe.

“Jean-Marie Le Pen: « j’étais ravi pour Marine… Quelle cible c’était !.. Je me suis dit: ‘au deuxième tour, Marine va le défoncer’. Cela démontre quand même que le représentant emblématique du socialisme français, c’est un milliardaire libidineux. Un homme qui s’estime au-dessus des lois, qui croit pouvoir tout se permettre. Il est l’archétype, M. Strauss-Kahn, de la dictature de la finance internationale sur l’ensemble des économies mondiales.”

Jean-Marie Le Pen said he regretted the misadventures of Dominique Strauss-Kahn which forced his withdrawal from the Socialist primaries: “I was delighted for Marine…What a target! … I said to myself: ‘in the second round, (of France’s presidential 2012 elections) Marine will have a walkover ‘. What this (affair) well illustrates is that the representative flagship of French Socialism is a libidinous billionaire. A man who considers himself above the law, who thinks he can get away with anything. He is the archetype, M. Strauss-Kahn, of the dictatorship of international finance in global economies. ” – Nouvelles de France (a platform for right-wing, liberal and conservative journalists.)

Others are taking the mickey as well, with this updated version of the 1966 Deckers/Sparks song “Dominique”:

(Uploaded 27 May 2011, for the complete collection of VERSUS political musical parodies, and the text of the parody lyrics, visit us ).

Ah yes the DSK Affair could not have happened at a worse time for supporters of the status quo. European voters are in uproar — see the indignados-indignés movement — over the sovereign crisis and IMF-imposed austerity that has followed the bankster-created global bankruptcy of 2007/8. Watch for lots more talk of the “dictatorship of international finance” as jittery and unstable EU government’s threaten to fall like dominoes.

UPDATE: The grassroots Reelle Democratie group plans to Storm the Bastille to protest the hijacking of European democracy by global bankers.

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