“The Mass Delusion of Climate Change”

President Václav Klaus of the Czech Republic is one of very few European leaders who firmly and fearlessly speaks out against eco-lunacy. This however hasn’t impressed France which  is to spend 170 million euros on a five-year plan “to adapt to climate change”

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The Czech leader and economist is  one of the leading critics of global warming ideology. His views are set out  in a book published in 2007 – “Blue Planet in Green Shackles” and translated into dozens of languages.

The president is currently on a speaking tour of Australia where he addressed the National Press Club on the global warming scam. His stark message was:  it is our freedoms, not the climate, that are endangered by the global warmists.

Here in full are the remarks he made on July 26, 2011 “The mass delusion of climate change”:

France, along with most every other EU member state is heavily committed to the Brussels-imposed ideology of climate change despite all the signs that climate change sceptics are winning the argument and the agenda of warmists is revealed to be political rather than scientific.

UPDATE: The Al Gore polar bear poster boy turns out to be a less than palpable hit – ” Scientist who claimed polar bears were drowning is investigated for ‘scientific misconduct’

SECOND UPDATE – NASA data undermines climate warming alarmists: ” NASA satellite data from the years 2000 through 2011 show the Earth’s atmosphere is allowing far more heat to be released into space than alarmist computer models have predicted, reports a new study in the peer-reviewed science journal Remote Sensing. The study indicates far less future global warming will occur than United Nations computer models have predicted, and supports prior studies indicating increases in atmospheric carbon dioxidetrap far less heat than alarmists have claimed.”  Read the science paper here,  (PDF file) published 25 July 2011.

More About the Man Himself:

The biography below appears on the website of the National Press Club of Australia.

Václav Klaus is one of the worlds leading critic of global warming ideology. He published Blue Planet in Green Shackles in 2007.

Václav Klaus  was born in the Vinohrady district of Prague on July 19, 1941. He spent his childhood and youth in the neighbourhood of Tylovo namesti.

He studied at the Prague School of Economics (majoring in the Economics of Foreign Trade and graduating in 1963), and economics became his lifelong specialist field. He took advantage of the relative thaw in Czechoslovak public life at that time to study in Italy (1966) and the USA (1969). As a research worker at the Institute of Economics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, he completed a PhD in Economics in 1968.

In 1970, he was forced to abandon his research career for political reasons and left to work for many years at the Czechoslovak State Bank. He returned to an academic post at the Forecasting Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences in late 1987.

He entered politics immediately after 17th November 1989, but he did not lose his contacts with the world of economics. He continued his lectures and published occasionally and in 1991, he was appointed Assistant Professor of Economics at Charles University. In 1995, he was appointed Professor of Finance at the Prague School of Economics.

Václav Klaus started his political career in December 1989, when he became Federal Minister of Finance. In October 1991, he was also appointed Deputy Prime Minister of the Czecho-Slovak Federation. In late 1990, he became Chairman of what was then the strongest political entity in the country – Civic Forum. After its demise in April 1991, he co-founded the Civic Democratic Party, and was its Chairman from the outset until December 2002. He won the parliamentary elections with this party in 1992 and became the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic. It was in this position that he took part in the peaceful division of Czechoslovakia and the foundation of an independent Czech Republic. In 1996, he successfully defended his position as Prime Minister in the elections to the Chamber of Deputies, but he resigned after the break-up of the government coalition in November 1997. After the early elections of 1998, he became the Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies for a four-year term of office.

On February 28, 2003, Vaclav Klaus was elected President of the Czech Republic.

Václav Klaus is married to economist Livia Klausova and has five grandchildren and two sons: Vaclav is the headmaster of a private grammar school in Prague and Jan works as a financial analyst.

For many years during his youth, Václav Klaus  was an outstanding sportsman, playing basketball and volleyball. He also enjoys skiing and tennis. In his spare time, he enjoys fiction and music, especially jazz.

He has published over 20 books on general social, political and economics subjects and he holds a number of international awards and honorary doctorates from universities all over the world.

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