Who Stole Sarkozy’s Mobile Number?

Should the President of France be worried that his private mobile phone number is now ‘out in the wild’? Not really, according to Roger Karoutchi, a former secretary of state for parliamentary affairs on whose stolen mobile the top secret number resides.

Who stole this man's mobile number?

While commuting recently on the Paris Metro M. Karoutchi was pick-pocketed losing his phone in the process, something with which dozens of other urban commuters can commiserate (at least, he joked, that shows that I use public transport.)

Speaking to RTL news channel M. Karoutchi said: “I was walking in the Poissonnière subway in Paris when a big man jostled me slightly. I immediately put my hand on my pocket but my cell phone had gone. Clearly I was not about to challenge the thief by myself — he was 1.80 m tall and about 25 years old, an age I left behind a very long time ago”.

So (he was asked) did the mobile’s contact list include all the numbers of the cabinet? “Well it did have the phone numbers of many politicians. But the phone is protected by a PIN code. So in truth while he stole my phone he did not steal all the data it holds because I am the only one who knows my PIN “, he said, obviously very confident in the strength of his PIN code and possibly unaware of the strength of computer applications available to any determined hacker.

Speaking later to the newspaper Le Parisien Roger Karoutchi seemed to brush off concerns about the phone numbers on his stolen mobile and did not appear particularly worried that the telephone number of the French Head of State was now ‘out in the wild’.

A writer on Le Monde blog noting the ease with which PIN numbers can be cracked, expressed surprise at Mr Karoutchi’s assertion that “Nicolas Sarkozy will not need to change his mobile number”. More surprising was the reason he gave: “Well to be absolutely frank one look at that thief’s head was enough to make it clear that he was not some left-wing political activist trying to steal my phone. He was just a thief “.

So that’s alright then, concludes Le Monde, “from this ‘trivial’ incident we can take two things: a thief has a thief’s head, and extreme leftists are not thieves.”

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