French Revenge – Melt the Miserable Man

You may think revenge is best served cold but in France these matters are resolved differently particularly when you have recourse to hot chocolate.

In Paris at least revenge is meltingly sweet

For according to the My Little Paris blog, when a French woman finds her lovers have been behaving decidedly less amusingly than Molière’s Tartuffe, she now has a refreshing, heartwarming and comforting low-tech solution.

Thanks to a chocolatier — Chez Puerto Cacao in the 12th arrondissement which styles itself as a “bar à chocolat artisanal” — Parisiennes can now dunk, melt and drink any male (or at least a representation of him) they consider has been behaving as a scoundrel rather than as a worthy tryster.

For the ‘dunk and drink’ is not — heaven forbid — a moral judgement on the hallowed institution of lovers and love nests. No, no it is merely a novel and elegant way to let a lady take revenge on the “cowards, runaways, small and cruel men who have hurt you”.

So next time you feel hard done by in Une Affaire de coeur consider taking the advice of My Little Paris and head for Puerto Cacao, 2 rue Théophile Roussel 75012 Paris, order a Sucette Chocoubli for €5 and préparez-vous à fondre de plaisir (prepare to melt with delight)!

This chocolate-forget lollipop, in the shape of the late and no longer lamented male lover, is designed to melt in the hot frothy milk provided and be transformed into a warm, comforting chocolate drink.

Yes indeed, one can well see how some women would find that a sweet revenge.

Hat Tip:

My Little Paris Blog

(Footnote: In Molière’s famous comedyTartuffe, ou l’Imposteur a fraud and pious imposter enjoyed near success in marrying the daughter and seducing the wife of a householder he first duped through false piety.)

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