Ever Seen One TRILLION dollars?

EU governments trying to save Euroland plan to magick up more than 2 trillion euros as a fire fighting fund. Have you ever seen such a sum?

Here's what a trillion dollars looks like

Inconceivable amounts you say, and how right you are. (Where will it come from? Taxpayers of course governments have no money of their own).

To help put it all in perspective visit this website which shows that while such sums don’t grow on trees, they can be visually depicted thanks to a helpful Google application.

Download Google Sketchup here

HatTip: Daniel Hannan

Computerised (quant-driven) trading  that thrives on fear is behind the current crisis.
“…A world of terrifyingly complicated financial instruments designed to spread risk but which have, instead, spread a contagious lack of confidence; a world of instant communications, in which tremors of panic spread across the whole globe in the time it takes ripples to spread across a lake; a world in which thousands of the most brilliant minds on the planet are no longer paid to pursue scientific progress, but to devise financial strategies that are mostly non-productive and sometimes potentially highly dangerous…” Read more

Further Update:
“Europe’s policy-making “elite” wants a fully-blown fiscal union and sees this crisis as a way to get there. It is simply not going to happen, because almost no-one outside of the Brussels salons, or the broader EU establishment, wants it. That is the fundamental truth that must be spoken, repeatedly, to power – whatever offence is now caused. Because this currency union experiment, essentially an exercise in bureaucratic megalomania and hubristic nation-building, is about to do serious damage that extends way beyond Europe...” Liam Halligan


NEIN, NEIN, NEIN, and the death of EU Fiscal Union

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