TouTou Rista Scoops the Poop

In Paris as we have reported before the capital’s 150,000 strong dog population indiscriminately drops 16 tonnes of poo a day, with a clean-up and disposal price tag of 300,000 euros a month.

Aids for poop scoopers is big business

Now toymaker Toys R Us aims to cash in on this fouling past-time with an “educational toy” it hopes will make a big splash with French kids this Christmas.

The video suggests kids  playing the game will associate dog biscuits going in one end of DOGGIE RISTA with poop requiring scooping, coming out of the other and — thanks to 4 scoops included in the box — pick it up for proper disposal.  Hmm… if only it were that easy … With nearly 9 million pet dogs in the country, city sidewalks are odorously ankle deep in canine poo and pedestrians are forced to play hop, skip, slip and slide.

As the video blurb puts it: ‘Oops! This dog is really incorrigible! Voila he seems to have a little trouble digesting his food. Now be a good citizen and pick up his mess. Three poop scoops in your shovel and job’s done!’

Good luck with that.

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