Its between Tweedledum and Tweedledee

Writer, activist and former French communist, Alain Soral, tells RT that Marine Le Pen is the only real alternative to the socialists and UMP in the upcoming French presidential elections.

Alain Soral says Marine le Pen is the real election alternative

Alain Soral says neither Nicolas Sarkozy nor his Socialist rival, François Hollande can do what they say they want to do namely save French companies and re-industrialize, because such proposals are against EU laws. “Both Sarkozy and Hollande support the EU and both are economic liberals with very minimal differences on social issues. This is why I am interested in Marine le Pen. She has good poll ratings and offers an alternative, she says: leave the EU, go back to the French Franc and defy Wall Street,” he told RT.

Listen to the 12 minute interview with simultaneous translation.

RT: What is it that you dislike so much about the status quo in France that you feel compelled to go against?

Alain Soral: First of all, today, we can no longer believe in the masquerade of a political left and right. For a long time here in France, unlike Anglo-Saxon countries — even Germany and the United States — there was a real alternative in French politics, meaning there was the Communist Party and there was the whole movement of economic liberalism. There was real political diversity in France. But gradually, the so-called “left” eventually gravitated towards economic liberalism — the right. The only differences between the left and the right were small variations in their positions on ethics and society. The best example is, right now, we have Francois Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy. There’s no real opposition between left and right. It doesn’t exist. They are all roughly economic liberals, libertarians.
For France, the first step of visible liberalism is the European Union. There are those who submit to the EU, which means the end of borders, free movement of goods and capital, ideology of right and left, the ideology of miscegenation. This is the dominant ideology in France shared by left and right. The difference is only aesthetic. And then there are those who oppose this dominant ideology, who fight for the restoration of borders, the restoration of the nation; those who criticize the ideology of miscegenation, meaning to defend cultural identities and so on. The battle today is to resist globalism on economic and cultural fronts, etc. We have to show that the fight between left and right no longer exists. Today the two battling sides are the globalists and those resisting globalism.

UPDATE: Mediapart in English, a subscription news service, has published a report that underlines the points made in the TV clip above —  the ongoing crisis appears to be seriously shifting voter loyalties:

How the French Far Right is capturing an abandoned social class

France’s blue collar workers, junior white-collar staff, the unemployed and the retired make up a lower class that is also the majority among the country’s electorate. Hit hardest by the current economic crisis, and largely ignored by the traditional Left, there are consistent indicators that a significant proportion is being won over by the Far Right Front National party presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen. In this interview with Mediapart, social geographer Christophe Guilluy offers an insight into an economic and social groundshift in France that has produced an abandoned and despairing category of the population, what he calls “a new lower class which the Left does not really understand”.
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