A Zero Watt Night Quiz

Did you know in France it is reported that to power the ads on JC Decaux or Clear Channel bus shelters and ‘city information’ hoardings during the dark hours uses the equivalent of all the energy generated by one of France’s 58 nuclear reactors!

Deutsch: JC Decaux - Werbetafel am Kölner Rhei...

JC Decaux – Street furniture across the world (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  • Second Zero Watt Night – 27 April 2012

Tony Smith  Midi Pyrenees regional organiser for Paysages de France writes:  “A national campaign is under way to stop this absurdity. Go into any French town at 3 am and you’ll see a man in underpants (or some other eye grabbing image) brightly lit up every 50 metres or so.
For the second time (on April 27) a ZERO WATT night is being organised across the country: all outdoor ads will be switched off for the weekend thus saving thousands of KW’s.”.

Zero Watt campaign against all-night illuminated hoardings and bus shelters

Tony Smith pointed out that the claims regarding the amount of energy used by the illuminated hoardings and shelters were an estimate and initially published in an article in Canard Enchainé (see below)

Canard Enchainé on the campaign to cut back energy use

  • Tony Smith, a restaurant owner and long-time resident in Mountauban, is the SW France regional organiser and national administrator of the campaigning group –  Paysages de France


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