The Change – Brightest Day to Darkest Night

Socialist president  François Hollande may have scraped home May 6 but his opponents are determined to spoil the party especially as they hope for a cohabitation result in the June general election.

The Change , as in from Brighest Day to Darkest Night

France 24’s Presidential Pâté bloggers Sophie Pilgrim and Joseph Bamat have been analysing a blogging and Twitter-led campaign designed to rain on the presidential parade.  They highlight a photomontage doing the rounds, that sets out to contrast French ‘patriots’ (top picture – click to enlarge) at Sarkozy’s pre-defeat final rally with the “foreign” invasion (bottom) of ‘celebate diversity’ flagwavers  gathered in the evening gloom after the Socialist win, at the Bastille — trigger point for revolutions and civil unrest since the French Revolution of 1789.

The two France24 bloggers note: “Blogger Jonathan Reisberg pointed out that French people are not “Iraqi, Syrian, Algerian, Italian, gay, Palestinian, Communist or Greek, but French”. So French people can’t have origins? Beliefs? Causes?… Personality?The UMP and FN have already moved to get foreign flags banned in public. If these party poopers had their way, we’d be lined up silently, clutching our Tricolores and staring at the Eiffel Tower…”

And its only Day Four of the post-Sarkozy era!  The two-round general election takes place on 10 and 17 June.


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