Eating a la Mode – Wintery Lunch

Eating a la Mode

With Vivienne Bolton

Craft and food writer Vivienne Bolton shares favourite seasonal recipes based on what’s out there now in local markets, in this the French News Online culinary department.

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The Latest Recipe: Wintery Lunch

After a joyous Christmas and a sociable New Year I feel the New Year has much to offer ….I have bowls of spring bulbs in various stages of flower set around the house and the fragrance of hyacinths is filling the January air, we will make 2013 a good year!

Thinking seasonally, January is all about root vegetables and the store cupboard … and this week I’ve settled on a roast vegetable and goat’s cheese tart. I’ve roasted butternut squash and red onions and used ready made puff pastry for ease and speed!.


Click the photo to visit the chèvre website for more information about the best French goats cheeses


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