Disturbing Video Calls EU a New USSR

Vladimir Konstantinovich Bukovsky a former leading dissident in the USSR of the 1960s and 1970s, recently narrated a party political broadcast in which he draws disturbing parallels between today’s European Union and the former Communist dictatorship.

Coat of arms of the former Soviet Union – (Credit Wikipedia)

The writer, neurophysiologist, and political activist now lives in Cambridge in the UK and is a member of UKIP (the United Kingdom Independence Party) whose leader Nigel Farage is widely regarded as the terror of Brussels Eurocrats and parliamentarians. Watch the video which criticises the democratic deficit in the EU and the closed club of its elite unelected leaders who among other Pharaonic perks enjoy lifelong immunity from prosecution thanks to their own cosy rules:

As one commenter on the Zero Hedge blog which drew attention to the video, noted: “A European Union report has urged tight press regulation and demanded that Brussels officials are given control of national media supervisors with new powers to enforce fines or the sacking of journalists, while the banking elite continues unchecked with its jackbooted conduct of the euro-crisis: ECB Wins Ruling to Deny Access to Secret Greek Swap Files.

French opinion polls along with other recent soundings in Germany, the Netherlands and of course unsurprisingly Britain, all reflect growing disenchantment with the European Union and its push for ever more control over voter’s lives, a drive made without plebiscite. Matters are worsened by the EU leaders’ failure to stem a five-year-long Depression that has destroyed the economies of many member states.

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  2. thomasdecive October 31, 2013 at 11:20 pm

    The truth shall set you free…..but first it’ll piss you off.

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