Online They’re Having a Horse Laugh at Findus

They’re taking the mickey out of horse-beef online where Twitter users and others are proving the Internet can be a PR nightmare — or should that be horsemare — for any consumer business.

Hold still let’s make a burger

Here is a salt-reduced portion of some of the funnier stuff trotting around the web:

Rebranding as bologneighs


They won’t #findus in here!



Beef cuts in their latest transformation


#findus food security a la Romani


Lidl my pony


#Tesco’s next Grand National winner


Le #Chevache a crossbreed to make food packers lives easier


Tasted  pony lasagne?


I want a pony, here have a Findus


Bagging area horse holdup


The Horse Lasagne Whisperer


Findus and  a Stable Diet


MAY contain traces of #horse

Make mine horsemince



Oh dear. New York Times jokes that IKEA found horse-meat in flat-packs, alongside, now withdrawn, meatballs



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