EU Carbon Tariff Scheme Hits Buffers?


Climate Change Industry in Disarray

A Le Monde report suggests plans for an EU carbon tariff scheme may have hit the buffers, amid signs that the climate change industry is in disarray with scientists facing widespread scepticism and the view that the science is settled, under fierce attack.

(Climate change supporters assembled at Copenhagen earlier in the year amid unprecedented severe winter storms and a huge international outcry over leaked emails that suggested climate change scientists were twisting their findings to meet a political agenda.)

See this piece in the Spectator Magazine for an extensive report on the bloggers who broke the scandal and pursued politicised scientists and universities to force one of the world’s greatest scams out into the public eye.

France earlier this year said it would abandon a national scheme to tax carbon fuels in favour of Europe-wide measures. Paris feared the carbon tax would harm business competitiveness. Le Monde now quotes EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht as saying that the proposal for a carbon tariff “is protectionist and could trigger a trade war.” Indeed Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker has told the TV station, France 24 , “I share the idea that Europe will need to reflect further on the introduction of a carbon border tax.”

The proposed carbon fuel tax was unpopular with French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s right-wing majority, which saw it as an additional burden on the French tax-payer.

Opinion polls last year showed that around two-thirds of voters opposed the scheme, while the Constitutional Court ruled it illegal, estimating that 93% of industrial emissions, outside fuel use, would be exempt from the tax.

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Story: Ken Pottinger

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