Robots & Rubber Bands End Flatpack Hassle

Fed up with the hours its taking you to assemble those IKEA (or any other) furniture flatpacks you ordered in a fit of DIY madness?

No more fighting with flatpacks and their often cryptic instruction sheets, next time call in the robots.

Never mind now you can call in a robot who, like most of us won’t read the instructions, relying instead on clever CAD CAM software to do the job while you sit back and read a book.

Inventors Ross A. Knepper, Todd Layton, John Romanishin, and Daniela Rus believe these MIT-developed robots could become a big hit. Watch the You Tube video clip to see how a couple of low tech rubber bands get to grips with an IKEA table.

Published on May 7, 2013 – Presented at ICRA 2013 (International Conference on Robotics and Automation) by Ross A. Knepper, Todd Layton, John Romanishin, and Daniela Rus from the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. ICRA took place  between  May 6-10, 2013 in Germany, at Karlsruhe, the city where Heinrich Hertz discovered electromagnetic waves in 1888 and which in 1844 gave birth  to Karl Benz – inventor of the gasoline-powered automobile.


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