As We Said: Insects the Nouvelle Cuisine – UN

Toulouse-based French entrepreneurs have been way ahead of the game in developing and marketing haute cuisine insect menus for discerning gourmets and now their efforts have been given official UN endorsement (or almost).

Nouvelle Cuisine, coming to a restaurant near you


As first reported here Some Red with your Grilled Water Scorpions? and here France’s First Farm Food Drive-In is in Bordeaux Toulouse-based entrepreneurs such as Cédric Auriol, manager and founder of Micronutris at Saint-Orens are raising “eco-friendly, high-quality, organically-fed insects” on the basis that alternatives will be needed once looming global food shortages arrive.

Now these efforts have been UN-endorsed or sort of.  FAO, the Rome-based UN Food and Agricultural Organisation, has just produced and issued a report advocating insect- eating as the way to global food security. 

To read the report click on the image (downloads as a pdf file)

Ken Pottinger

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