Toulouse, Boston, Woolwich, Paris: ‘Enough!’

A soldier is barbarically butchered in London by an Islamist murderer, an extremist slits the throat of a uniformed French soldier in Paris,  security officials worry that fundamentalists are on a new and bloody jihadist path.

English Defence League march in Newcastle (Credit: Wikipedia)

Toulouse, Boston, WoolwichParis. “Enough is Enough”. These are the words of a polemical British protest leader, one widely reviled by the establishment in that country and abhorred by liberal multiculturalists but who in the video clip (below) presents a prescient, cogent assessment of where he fears soft-bellied Western societies are headed. Tommy Robinson, the leader of the EDL speaks to a London video production company  Coelus Media, about the Woolwich terrorist attack, the English Defence League’s response and what can be done to stop attacks like this happening in the future. Published on YouTube on May 23, 2013: 


The ideology behind Lee Rigby’s murder is profound and dangerous. Why don’t we admit it?: (former UK PM)  Tony Blair launches a brave assault on Muslim extremism after Woolwich attack: “there is a problem within Islam – from the adherents of an ideology that is a strain within Islam. And we have to put it on the table and be honest about it”.


Islam it should be made clear is a religion not a race, but in its Wahabi-funded extremist version it is, as Richard Pipes notes below, a clear political ideology.

In France the fatwa fanatics are referred to as Salafists and Western intelligence are warning that since the assassination of Osama bin Ladin, the Saudi-funded ideologues have switched from Twin Tower-type horror shows to low-level individual attacks that are much harder to detect and deter.

Islamism, otherwise known as fundamentalist Islam  amounts to an effort to turn Islam, a religion and civilization, into an ideology – Daniel Pipes Center for Strategic and International Studies

As Reuters reported: –  “A French soldier patrolling a business neighborhood west of Paris was stabbed in the neck and injured on Saturday by a man who fled the scene and is being sought by police, President Francois Hollande said. The 23-year-old was patrolling in uniform with two other soldiers as part of France’s Vigipirate anti-terror surveillance plan when he was approached from behind around 6 p.m. and attacked with a knife or a box-cutter. A police union spokesman said surveillance footage of the attacker showed him as tall and bearded, aged about 35, possibly of North African origin and wearing a white Arab-style tunic.”

French police arrest 22-year-old man over soldier stabbing: French police have arrested a 22-year-old man over the stabbing of a soldier in the business district of La Defense on Saturday. Sources close to the inquiry say the man, who was arrested in the Yvelines district outside Paris, is a ‘Muslim radical’. – France 24


Now before the PC brigade roll out their tanks and park on our lawn let us make absolutely clear French News Online is not racist, does not support racial incitement, is not an advocate of “hate speech”, nor indeed any of the multitude of “phobias” allegedly infesting Western society these days. Indeed we hesitated for a long while before republishing the video clip above. However on the matter of free speech we have already stated we are fundamentalists. We thus urge readers to put aside the prejudices the media feed the world about the man known by his nickname as Tommy Robinson (above) and invest some 20 minutes in listening to his message. For he like  Geert Wilders, Theo van Gogh, Ayaan Hirsi Ali,  and before them Salman Rushdie, has been subject to fatwas, death threats, harassment, beatings and worse, yet in plain and straightforward remarks he insists that despite fears for the safety of his family and his life, he will not surrender. In our view it takes remarkable courage when faced by the sordid manufactured rage of Islamist extremists, to take the stand he has and for this reason alone, he deserves a platform.  

The public, rightly, are very angry about (t) his murder –LORD ALEX CARLILE

More so because it is our view these events and in particular the unspeakable barbarity at Woolwich, are a tipping point, an example needs to be made and a line drawn. Beheading an off-duty soldier (or anyone else) in developed Western societies and in the fashion this was done, takes the cultural tensions of the past 40 years way beyond any of the extremist atrocities to date. This in our view, was an act of highly primitive bush savagery, jungle behaviour, the product of dark continents, dysfunctional societies and barbaric ancestral beliefs.(*) The response, if the West is not to return to its own savage Dark Age, ought to be one of overwhelming force and unrelenting punishment. That is our view and we welcome readers views in the comments below.  

(*) For some of the context for this view, read My Traitor’s Heart, an autobiographical book by Rian Malan first published in 1990. There is a compelling 2007 interview with the author of the book here.

Stanley Kubric ‘s film inspired a French author to write La France Orange mécanique (Credit: Wikipedia)

Shortly before the barbaric atrocities above Torben S. Hansen, an historian, and ex lecturer at Copenhagen University published a review of French author Laurent Obertone’s “France – Orange mécanique” in Danish on the site An English translation was made available here  the truth about Muslims and media in France: “The film “A Clockwork Orange” – 1971, directed by Stanley Kubrick – is a dystopian tale of a criminal gang that excels in “ultra-violence”. It has inspired journalist Laurent Obertone (pseudonym) for the title of “La France Orange mécanique”. Over 350 pages documenting, analyzing and commenting on his part of French society crash in massive, permanent crime of the worst caliber as a result of immigration and the authorities and the media’s paramount responsibility for the disaster. France has received a large number of foreigners – for example, Italians and Armenians in the 1920s and Portuguese and Spaniards in the 1950s. They were relatively quickly and easily integrated. It did not happen – or at least only partially – with the last four decades influx of non-Western immigrants (and refugees). In the large and medium cities “sensitive neighborhoods” have emerged, many of which are completely “lost by the Republic” (“Territoires perdus de la republique”). Here, a new subclass of Arab, African, etc. newcomers lumped together. The original French population is now fleeing from these areas, where most homes are cheap rental apartments.” Read the rest here  

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