No Mitey Mimolette for US Consumers

A campaign is underway to save French Mimolette and its mites from a ban imposed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which says the number of microscopic mites on the cheese rind exceeds the regulation quota allotted to food migrants … or words to that effect. 

Save the mites (and the mimolette)

Save the mites and the Mimolette

The FDA impounded tonnes of the hard orange shaded cheese earlier in the year on the grounds that: “The article appears to consist in whole or in part of a filthy, putrid, or decomposed substance”.

Nick Gillespie a U.S. libertarian and editor of the website published a video report on this fresh demonstration of nanny state interference, suggesting the issue was about more than just cheese, and impinged on free choice and individual liberty.

Watch the clip produced by Meredith Bragg and Nick  below:

His reportage was quickly picked up by France 3 and broadcast to an incredulous French public which has been devouring mite-covered cheeses and others crusted in bacteria, or filled with various festering organisms, for several hundred years without evident signs of physical, intellectual or moral decay:

La mimolette interdite aux USA , reportage de Maryse Burgot, France
Par France 3 Basse-Normandie

On  Nick Gillespie writes:
“With immigration reform in the news, here’s another tale of the federal government telling foreigners that they’re not welcome in the United States: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is holding thousands of pounds of mimolette cheese captive in a New Jersey compound because the regulators say the orange-hued, gouda-like fromage has too many mites on its rind.

“Never mind that the mites – tiny, microscopic insects – are supposed to be there as part of a cheese-making process that goes back hundreds of years. The mites help to aerate the rind of mimolette, thus helping to produce the cheese’s distinctive attributes. Many other cheeses – including hugely popular varieties such as Stilton and high-end “bandage-wrapped” cheddars – also have rind mites that serve similar purposes. The FDA worries that some people might have allergic reactions to the insects.

“Virtually all of the mites are blown off the cheese with compressed air or wiped off by hand, but some always manage to stick around. Although it has no official or definitive guideline of how many mites per square inch is acceptable or safe, the FDA has decided that a recent uptick in the number on mimolette is grounds for holding the cheese hostage.‘”

: Ken Pottinger


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