France Remains Firm Over Syria Strike

According to a Reuters report France has said the British vote against joining any coalition with Washington and Paris to strike at Damascus “does not change its will to act over Syria”.

Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad  (Credit Wikipedia)

Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad (Credit: Wikipedia)

Paris until 1943, had responsibility for Syria under the French Mandate of Syria formalised by the League of Nations after World War I, and its diplomatic and cultural ties remain solid, which perhaps helps explain its current stance.

However the French public does not appear convinced. Latest polling shows that three out of five French voters questioned, oppose any involvement in a strike force against Syria.

Despite President François Hollande’s apparently gung-ho approach there are doubts over the provenance of the alleged chemical attacks on civilians in Syria’s’ current tribal and religious conflict, as a quick check around the Internet shows.

This for example from the ZeroHedge website:

Don’t Show Obama This Report About Who Really Is Behind The Syrian Chemical Attacks

 Submitted by Tyler Durden on 08/30/2013 10:33 -0400
As we showed mere days ago, it appears the truth of who the real puppet-master in the Middle-East is becoming plainer to see. The incredibly frank discussion between Saudi’s spy-chief Prince Bandar and Russia’s Putin exposed a much deeper plot is afoot and the following details from the actual people on the ground in the chemically-attacked region of Syria suggest Obama is playing right into the Saudi’s plan. While Obama is ‘certain’ that the chemical attacks took place on al-Assad’s orders, as MPN (Mint Press News) reports, “from numerous interviews with doctors, Ghouta residents, rebel fighters and their families, a different picture emerges. Many believe that certain rebels received chemical weapons via the Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, and were responsible for carrying out the dealing gas attack.”….
or this from EU Times, a US hosted website registered via Panama (and which provides no details of ownership, but that caveat notwithstanding…):Putin Orders Massive Strike Against Saudi Arabia If West Attacks SyriaPosted by  on Aug 27th, 2013 

A grim “urgent action memorandum” issued today from theoffice of President Putin to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is ordering a “massive military strike” against Saudi Arabia in the event that the West attacks Syria.
According to Kremlin sources familiar with this extraordinary “war order,” Putin became “enraged” after his early August meeting with Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan who warned that if Russia did not accept the defeat of Syria, Saudi Arabia would unleash Chechen terrorists under their control to cause mass death and chaos during the Winter Olympicsscheduled to be held 7-23 February 2014 in Sochi, Russia.
Lebanese newspaper As-Safir confirmed this amazing threat against Russia saying that Prince Bandar pledged to safeguard Russia’s naval base in Syria if the Assad regime is toppled, but he also hinted at Chechen terrorist attacks on Russia’s Winter Olympics in Sochi if there is no accord by stating: “I can give you a guarantee to protect the Winter Olympics next year. The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the games are controlled by us.”
Prince Bandar went on to say that Chechens operating in Syria were a pressure tool that could be switched on an off.“These groups do not scare us. We use them in the face of the Syrian regime but they will have no role in Syria’s political future.”
London’s The Telegraph News Service further reported today that Saudi Arabia has secretly offered Russia a sweeping deal to control the global oil market and safeguard Russia’s gas contracts, if the Kremlin backs away from the Assad regime in Syria…”

There are many other reports expressing concerns that any US-led attack against Bashar al-Assad’s Syria, backed as it is by Russia and China, could spark a Third World War or at least further dangerous conflagration in the Middle East.

On the other hand:

Le Monde meanwhile has translated a report from late May here –
“Chemical warfare in Syria
Le | 27.05.2013 à 05h58 • Mis à jour le 05.06.2013 à 11h09 |

Par Jean-Philippe Rémy
Reporters for Le Monde spent two months clandestinely in the Damascus area alongside Syrian rebels. They describe the extent of the Syrian tragedy, the intensity of the fighting, the humanitarian drama. On the scene during chemical weapons attacks, they bear witness to the use of toxic arms by the government of Bashar al-Assad.
A chemical attack on the Jobar front, on the outskirts of the Syrian capital, doesn’t look like anything much at first. It’s not spectacular. Above all, it’s not detectable. And that’s the aim: by the time the rebel fighters of the Free Syrian Army who have penetrated furthest into Damascus understand that they’ve been exposed to chemical products by government forces, it’s too late. No matter which type of gas is used, it has already produced its effects, only a few hundred meters from residential areas of the Syrian capital.
At first, there is only a little sound, a metallic ping, almost a click. And in the confusion of daily combat in Jobar’s Bahra 1 sector, this sound didn’t catch the attention of the fighters of the Tahrir al-Sham (‘Liberation of Syria’) Brigade. ‘We thought it was a mortar that didn’t explode, and no one really paid attention to it,’ said Omar Haidar, chief of operations of the brigade, which holds this forward position less than 500 meters from Abbasid Square…”

Readers may want to do their own Internet research.

updated2crop-150x76“Curioser and curioser”, cried Alice. This link is to a report on Global Research, a Canadian- based news site in French and English which has established a reputation for coverage of offbeat current affairs or items that the mainstream media steers clear of. However this story, initially published by the UK’s Daily Mail on its London-based website but subsequently pulled after a libel case in the UK, is still available in web caches and on the GR wesbite. Readers can draw their own conclusions.

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3 Responses to France Remains Firm Over Syria Strike

  1. Syd Vaughan August 31, 2013 at 9:03 pm

            A “yes man” is never respected, just used, and at last the British parliament has the back bone to say no, we have marched blindly into enough wars, there are too many empty chairs in Britain and America waiting for husbands or sons to come home, and far too many tears being cried in Iraq , Afghanistan, Libya , Egypt and Lebanon, no one wins in war, we waste resources, destroy lives, and create hate, saying no to America wasn’t the end of the special relationship, this is the start of a equal relationship, and the most important thing, wasn’t the humiliation of David Cameron but the realisation that we can say no and survive, the yes man has turned and the world is a lot safer today than it was yesterday.
    War is a dangerous place to be, and we know from bitter experience that politicians tell lies and lies can kill, the people of Syria need help, not guns and bombs, more killing won’t bring peace, it hasn’t brought peace in Iraq and it wont bring peace in Syria, we need international condemnation of the futile waste of lives, the use of chemical warfare surely isn’t the benchmark of insanity when broken bodies already litter the streets from bombs. We need men/woman of integrity and honesty to be sitting at the table to solve the problems of the Middle East, not  the men with guns in their hands and greed in their hearts.
    ST Vaughan
    Birmingham UK B14 4EA

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