Back to Basics in Food-loving France

Return to self-sufficiency in food-loving France (via AFP)

Like many in food-loving France, Jerome and Marylin are serious about what goes on their plates — enough to quit the city, tired of factory-farmed goods and pricey organic foods, and return to the self-sufficient farming of bygone days. Despite having…

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One Response to Back to Basics in Food-loving France

  1. Michelle November 24, 2013 at 4:17 pm

    What a good article, reading it makes my stomach dance. I think that there is no comparison when it comes to home grown foods or raised animals. Having had a father that maintained a colorful garden, hunted, canned and sold food I know this all too well. Knowing what goes in to your body is not only important, but also necessary. Many kinds of unhealthy things are added to our foods nowadays that are causing unnecessary illnesses not to mention being costly. Eating less meat is good for you as I was told by my doctor: digestion of meat is very slow. Therefore I have been taking his advice by having meatless meals at least two days a week. Organic foods are more costly than regular foods, I have bought them but not found they make any difference. So I have never bought them again. It is a great pleasure to travel to France via the internet to find that we share the same interests.

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