Viva Green Bardot for President of France

French Greens are agog at the news that 60s sex symbol Brigitte Bardot might run as their candidate — on an anti-halal ticket — against President Nicolas Sarkozy in the 2012 election.

BB believes she could beat all-comers in an animal rights race for the 2012 presidential elections

The Bardot Belle, now a long-standing and feisty activist in all matters animal, has reportedly written to the incumbent president saying she may just run against him because halal slaughter remains unreformed.

She said: “Sarkozy has failed to deliver on a 2006 manifesto promise to outlaw halal slaughter. We need a voice to stand up and defend animal rights.”

In a letter sent October 14 by the Bardot Foundation to the French news agency AFP and published in French media, the former actress wrote: “Since you do the opposite of what you say and your ministers hide the truth from the French (in the absence of legislation requiring the stunning of animals used in halal slaughter), I am considering a proposal by the Independent Ecologist Alliance to be their candidate to fight you in the 2012 presidential elections”.

La Bardot has long been a vociferous and controversial opponent of both halal and kosher animal slaughter rituals.

The formidable 76-year-old former femme fatale recently told Europe 1 radio station: “France has introduced an exception which permits kosher and halal meat to be produced using appalling traditional ritual sacrifice. Halal meat has invaded France … On December 26, 2006, candidate Sarkozy promised the animal rights movement he would do everything he could to ensure that pre-slaughter stunning of animals became a requirement in all abattoirs in the European Union. I now call on Halal slaughterhouses to undertake concrete and rapid measures to introduce just such pre-stunning in their rituals.”

Brigitte Bardot said in February 2004 she had met Dalil Boubaker of the Paris Great Mosque and after discussions with him it had become clear that there was “nothing in Islamic scripture, opposing the stunning in advance of animals going to slaughter”.

BB opposes ritual slaughter as practised in both Halal and Kosher abattoirs.

Brigitte Bardot’s move to become the next Président de la France followed a recent meeting with Jean-Marc Governatori, chairman of the ecology party France En Action and joint leader of AEI- Alliance Ecologiste Indépendante, the independent ecologist alliance, who reportedly told her she would be an excellent candidate in the forthcoming election.

His efforts generated an immediate Bardot Buzz across Twitter and the blogosphere , but were swiftly deflated by Antoine Waechter, chairman of the Mouvement Écologiste Indépendant and joint leader with Governatori of AEI.

Antoine Waechter told Le Parisien newspaper: “I do not know what misunderstanding has occurred to lead to such an assumption: the issue was never discussed among the leadership and no steps have been taken to approach BB. Ms. Bardot’s work is very respectable, but insufficient to be the basis of an entire presidential campaign,” he said.

At a time when a timid presidential bid to extend the retirement age by just two years has seen France erupt in street protest, fuel blockades, student riots, transport stoppages and possibly grounded airlines, the mind boggles over what might happen if a future President BB decided on a halal “reform” !

As she was... Brigitte Bardot at a cocktail party in 1968 (Credit Wikipedia Michel Bernanau)

As she was… Brigitte Bardot at a cocktail party in 1968 (Credit Wikipedia Michel Bernanau)

She might have a small problem though. In one of her less temperate outbursts at politicians for doing nothing about bullfighting (another Bardot cause célèbre) she described politics as an abomination. “I am greatly misunderstood by politically correct idiots, politics disgusts me,” she said at the time.

O la la Brigitte!

Story: Ken Pottinger


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