The D-Day Tattoo de la Liberté 2014

A Tattoo de la Liberté will be the musical highlight of the international festival of military music that is part of the June D-Day commemorations in France this year. 

Toulouse Paras Norfolk Tatoo 2013 (Credit D-Day Commemoration Committee)

Toulouse Paras Norfolk Tattoo 2013 (Credit D-Day Commemoration Committee)

The event will feature some 500 musicians from nine countries including the US, UK, France, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, the Netherlands and Norway.

As part of the 70th anniversary of the D-Day Landings and the Battle of Normandy, the D-Day Commemoration Committee is organizing an international military music festival in Normandy running from June 7- 9 2014.

The “Tattoo of Freedom” will offer a prestigious cast of more than 500 musicians coming from 9 countries (Belgium, Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, the United-Kingdom, the United-States and France).

The programme includes: concerts at the Zenith de Caen on June 7, 8 and 9 and a mass musical parade in the streets of Caen on June 8. The main attraction will be the Zenith de Caen performances. This is a show that has been especially choreographed for this occasion only.

Norfolk miitary tatoo 2013 Band of Parachute Regiment (Colchester) (Credit D-Day Commemoration Committee)

Norfolk military tattoo 2013 Band of Parachute Regiment (Colchester) (Credit D-Day Commemoration Committee)

It is inspired by the 1944 events and symbolically brings together the nine allied nations that participated in operations at Normandy. Each musical ensemble has a 10-minute slot which includes musical performances, marching band drills and displays of military skills.

Massed-bands playing between individual tableaux aim to evoke the stages of the Battle of Normandy. The entire show, a tribute to the Liberators, runs for more than two-hours.

(Vidoeclip shows the Toulouse parachutist band performing at Tarbes – Musique des parachutistes de Toulouse à Tarbes:)

The programme includes a musical parade on Sunday June 8 at 3 pm through the streets of Caen which will involve more than 700 musicians. The Band of the Cavalry Regiment of the French Republican Guard as well as the Guard’s Motorcycle squadron will lead the march. A grand finale at the Caen Racecourse will close what is a free event.

Tristan Lenotre of the D-Day Commemoration Committee told French News Online: “millions of visitors are expected to turn up at Normandy in 2014, and this extraordinary musical gathering offers everyone an unprecedented way to commemorate the events of 70 years ago.” The tattoo has its own website here.

Video clip shows massed bands of the British Army performing at London’s Wembley Stadium:

Here is a clip of a Toulon Naval Band performance in 2012- La Musique des Equipages de la Flotte Parade Militaire Cérémonie EPPAD Toulon

Story: Ken Pottinger


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